Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.

Check out what you can do with our app!


You can select between 2 different views by clicking the "Change View" button at the top right of your screen!


By clicking the settings at the top left corner of your screen you will be guided to a menu where you can personalise your application and enable the notifications!

Add New Entry

The new entry button at the top right of your screen will guide you to a new view in order to add a new gratitude entry!

Daily Progress

Underneath each day you have your daily target progress; a complete circle means that you reached your target!


By changing the calendar view you can see the entries of the selected day below your calendar!

Be Mindful

You can click on your Gratidude Entry to see it in full screen; and if it was written today you can even edit it!

Daily Target

Change your daily target that you want to achieve or even disable it if you wish so!

Daily Reminder

We all feel so busy, with the daily reminder you can remind yourself that is time for your mindful practive!

Mindful Timer

You can enable this setting so that you have some time to think over what you thought and be more mindful about it!


Change the color of the app at any time depending on yout mood!


Style your gratitude entries with emojis!

Voice to text

Are you bored to type? Use the Voice to text feature to express your gratitude!

Easy focus

You can always scroll your screen of click the arrows to navigate to the input fields!

Monitor your target

If the target feature is enabled you can keep track of it while you write your entries!

We new friends!